Change Starts — How One Big LAUSD Election Board District 3 Can Make a Huge Impact on Our Schools and Children.

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‘Change must happen’

It’s time for a change for the LAUSD Board 3 Election in November the 3rd.

California voters, including parents, have deep concerns about distance learning. Kids aren’t getting the right kind of education they deserve.

My deepest concerns in my LAUSD district Board 3 stated facts. I feel frightened about the coming results. Below are important and crucial problems have not been resolved.

  1. The MOU (Memo of Understanding) between LAUSD and UTLA defined how Distance Learning is be delivered during Synchronous (Live — face-to-face) and Asynchronous Instruction (non-live, independent work). Since March students have been engaged in Distance Learning. The achievement gap, English Learner students, Standard English Learners, Title I, etc, already prevalent in, by many measures, has most certainly increased. There is not definitive measurement since there was no SBAAC assessments given in the spring of 2020.
  2. 2) Hybrid Model — When will our children get back to some kind of normalcy? Hybrid Schooling May Be the Most Dangerous Option of All. As schools prepare to have students return to campuses, most likely with a Hybrid model, still with students on the campuses on a limited basis:
  3. 3) Our Stem Programs disappeared in our Schools, very sad.

a. how will and what will be implemented to reduce the achievement gap in all academic areas but especially in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

b. how and what will be implemented to reengage the students, especially those in the underachieving category. Many of these students were unengaged in the spring. This is important especially at the Secondary level (middle school and high school).

c. District Support — A question never answered???? how will the district support the implementation of the strategies necessary to engage all students when they return to the campuses.

As students return to campuses on a hybrid model, some families retain the right to keep their students at home, please describe the logistics of a hybrid model to allow all students to be as successful as possible while maintaining safety protocols

“There is an urgent need to act, as the absence from school creates hardship for students, loss of stability and friendships, loss of learning and loss of a big part of their social safety net.

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