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hybrid learning is not working

How LAUSD board member promoting about Hybrid Schooling, if this platform could end up as a public health disaster.

Hybrid Schooling May Be the Most Dangerous Option of All.

It’s supposed to be the perfect compromise between in-person and online education. It could end up as a public health nightmare.

While on the surface hybrid education/instruction appears to be the best of both worlds. In theory, it allows face-to-face instruction while increase teacher and student interaction and allows students to “reengage” in the school environment.

It allows students to keep social distancing, reduces the amount of students on the campus at any one time while also reducing students engaged in asynchronous instruction. In theory, it is a significant enhancement and improvement over distance learning, but is it in reality? …

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‘Change must happen’

It’s time for a change for the LAUSD Board 3 Election in November the 3rd.

California voters, including parents, have deep concerns about distance learning. Kids aren’t getting the right kind of education they deserve.

My deepest concerns in my LAUSD district Board 3 stated facts. I feel frightened about the coming results. Below are important and crucial problems have not been resolved.

  1. The MOU (Memo of Understanding) between LAUSD and UTLA defined how Distance Learning is be delivered during Synchronous (Live — face-to-face) and Asynchronous Instruction (non-live, independent work). Since March students have been engaged in Distance Learning. …

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